About Iowa CPAP

Helping you get the best night’s sleep with CPAP therapy is our mission at Iowa CPAP. Over the years we’ve helped countless of individuals with sleep apnea find just the right CPAP machine and mask to feel better through improved sleep.

Our customers often remark that sleeping comfortably with CPAP has made a big difference in the lives — and only wish they had done it sooner.

Iowa CPAP is the only fully-accredited, independent Durable Medical Equipment provider in Iowa who specializes solely in sleep apnea therapy and products.

Iowa CPAP has two convenient locations — West Des Moines and Ankeny. The design of our CPAP stores is like no other. Open floor plans with displays of all the newest CPAP machines, masks and accessories. Private offices are available to try out masks on your CPAP pressure settings with the help of our Respiratory Therapists.

The Respiratory Therapists at Iowa CPAP work closely with you from the time of choosing your first CPAP set-up to obtaining re-supplies as your CPAP therapy moves forward.

We take the time to find and fit just the right mask for you. Our attentive approach, along with our commitment to patient care, comfort and convenience will help you change your life by improving the quality of your sleep, which in turn makes a positive difference in your work, relationships and overall health.

Experience the Iowa CPAP Difference

Choice — Machines and masks are available from ResMed, Respironics, Fisher-Paykel and DeVilbis. Option to purchase equipment with Iowa CPAP even if your sleep study was performed elsewhere.

Expertise — All care is provided by Respiratory Therapists who specialize in sleep. Providing CPAP and related sleep products is all we do.

Satisfaction — We offer a 30-day mask guarantee. We spend the time to make CPAP work for you. Education that we provide is the most important component to help you know and care for your CPAP equipment.

Honesty/Integrity — We are transparent about all costs and billing. We guarantee that you will know all financial obligations up front.

Quality — We offer the newest, state-of-the-art products form the top four manufacturers. Warranties on all equipment.

Convenience — Two metro locations and an on-line store. Modems to track your progress and compliance. Downloading of older machines for compliance reports. Automatic shipment program for re-supply orders, if desired. Prescription and therapy updates to your provider and insurance.

Relationships — We establish a trusted relationship with you for your needs today and into the future. We follow-up on your progress and are always available for any questions that arise.

Call Iowa CPAP today for the best in sleep apnea therapy:

515-223-CPAP (2727) or toll free 1-855-830-CPAP (2727)

While I was in West Des Moines, I saw their sign and stopped in. I was pleasantly surprised when I was greeted by a Respiratory Therapist. He answered all of my questions. I switched to Iowa CPAP on the spot.

Kim, Pella

2005 S Ankeny Blvd Ste 600

Ankeny, Iowa

4040 Westown Pkwy

West Des Moines, Iowa