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    The CPAP Tube Brush is a great accessory used to clean the inside of a CPAP hose. Keeping the inside of a hose clean eliminates the worry of mold and bacteria growth. To use, insert the brush end of the stem into the CPAP hose and gently scrub the inside liner as the brush is worked back out.

    Clean Your Tubes

    Never struggle again to clean the interior of your CPAP tube, the stainless brush offers you an easy solution to ensure that your equipment is clean when you use it each night. The CPAP brush helps to clean all of the hard to reach spots in your tubing. Moisture collects inside of the tubing each night, and if left untreated, you can compromise the quality of your therapy. The tube brush reaches inside the entire length of the tubing ensuring that your therapy is optimal and hygienic.

    Made of stainless steel with nylon bristles that won’t damage the inside of the tubing.

     Hose Size Options

    The Tube Brush has two size options, both are 5 feet in length:

    • 19mm
    • 15mm

    The 19mm brush is for use with standard or "22mm" hoses. Although these hoses have a cuff diameter of 22mm, the inner diameter of these hoses is 19mm, making this brush the correct option.

    The 15mm brush is for use with "SlimLine" hoses which have an inner diameter of 15mm. 

    • Product Name: CPAP Tube Cleaning Brush, Standard
    • Product ID: 123456
    • Product Weight: 0.25
    • Width in Inches: 14.00
    • Height in Inches: 10.00
    • Depth in Inches: 2.00

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I was given a modem with my new CPAP machine. Paul, my Respiratory Therapist can look at his computer in Ankeny and tell if my mask is leaking or if pressure adjustments may be needed. I feel I am in good hands.

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